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Nlighton is involved in the development of professional expertise in individuals and shape their careers. If you are looking for E-Learning then you already reached the destination.

The 4th Industrial Revolution has ushered in a new era of technologies revolutionizing the way business is done. As current academic programs are designed to produce professionals fitting traditional roles in the industry, the gap between market demands and employee skills widens resulting in expertise deficiency.

The main aim of Nlighton is to plug this gap by harnessing the experience of our skilled trainers to impart knowledge and insights to students seeking knowledge across key industry domains like Engineering, Procurement, Quality, HSE, Energy Management and much more.

All our programs are offered online through secure e-learning platform and available 24/7 globally to suit the needs of students and working professionals. The online programs to save your time and cost and offering a greater degree of flexibility.The benefits of Enrollment to the courses as follows: 1) Skilled Expertise from all over the world 2) Elegant Presentation aimed for easy understanding 3) Courses designed for both Beginners & Expertise 4) Online Technical Support for queries 5) Easily Accessible in PC and Android 6) Tailor made courses to meet your requirements

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